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♡ Family Club ♡ Renewal

Our Selling Price: SGD$165.00 (tax excl.)
Prices vary according to options.
1 Year Shipping (Registered Mail):
Our Selling Price: SGD$165.00 (tax excl.)

1. Renewal of membership has to be done within 3 months after expriation date.

2. You may renew even if you did not register with me.

3. I will contact you after the renewal is done.

4. Please do not use the service, if you do not understand or agrees to the T&Cs. Thank you 

5. Shipping address for FC Letters will be according to your checkout address.


Please submit the below information during checkout:

1. FC: A99999999
2: Password: 9999

3. Registered Name: Hui Sin / ケイ シィん



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