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 Japan Auction/Buy now Shopping Service

1. All items will be purchased through the website you have given me to bid or buy.

2. Try to avoid weekend for submitting your order.

3. I will only accept bidding at least 1 day before closing bid.

4. Please note that all sales are final.
5. All purchase items will only ship out from Singapore. Consolidate shipping from Japan will be paid together with international shipping from me to you. 

6. I will contact you on the purchased made, and follow up the transaction.
7. Any extra payment from the bid/buy now will be refund.
8. Please do not use the service, if you do not understand or agrees to the T&Cs. Thank you 



1 item

10,000 yen & below: 800yen

10,000 yen & above: 10%

2 or more items

5,000yen & below: 600 yen per item (Same seller max at 2,400yen)

5,001 yen - 10,000 yen: 900 yen per item (Same seller max at 1,800yen)

10,001 yen - 50,000 yen: 10% per item

50,001 yen & above: 8% per item


Domestic shipping: Varies up to around 2,000 yen (quote by seller)

Bank fees: 300yen per item/transaction (Same seller applies once)


Please submit the following information in the inquiries form, I will contact once received:


1. Auction/Shopping Links:

2. Max. price: (Max. budget)

3. Payment mode:


The quote will look something like this:

1st quote:

Price: 10,000 yen 

Fee: 1,000 yen

Domestic: 500 yen

Bank: 300 yen

Total: 11,800 yen


2nd quote:

1) Shipping to Singapore

2) Singapore to you


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