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Japan Concert Ticket(s) Service 

1. All ticket(s) can be purchased through major Japan ticketing website.

2. There will be a 20% service fee or 5000 yen fee, whichever is cheaper. 

3. I will only accept order of buying ticket up till 5-7 days before the actual concert. 

4. Please note that all ticket(s) sales are final. 
5. I will not be able to provide a refund after purchased is made, refused entrance to the concert, do not like the seat that is assigned or any personal reason.
6. I cannot be responsible for the ticket seller's action's, please be mind as a online transaction. 
7. Please provide me a valid address 1 week before the actual concert date, so that we can mail out and reached you in time.
8. I will contact you on the purchased made, tickets shipped out from seller and so on.
9. Please do not use the service, if you do not understand or agrees to the T&Cs. Thank you 




Ticket(s) Request

1. Concert/Stage play:
2. Venue(s), Date(s), Time(s):
3. No. of Tickets : (Please note if want sequential seats)
4. Any seat(s) preference: 
5. Total budget: 
6. Receiver Name: [The name who booked the hotel, provide check in date as well]

7: Receiver Address : 
8. Receiver Contact No. : [That can be contacted in Japan]
9. Delivery date: 





The quote will look something like this:


Ticket Cost: 15,000 yen
5% Site Charged(min.500 yen): 750 yen
Shipping within Japan: 700 yen
My Service Fee: 3,150 yen
Total Cost in yen: 19,600 yen


19,662 yen ≈ 'FX rate' SGD

Payment fees to me will applied as well if neccessary.




Max bid: 12,000 yen
Bank Transfer: 500 yen
*Shipping from Ticket Seller: 750 yen
*Shipping within Japan: 750 yen
My Service Charge: 2,650 yen
Total Cost in yen: 16,650 yen



16,650 yen ≈ 'FX rate' SGD 

Payment fees to me will applied as well if neccessary.

*May either ship directly from seller or through us.


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